Sand Sculptures

Arenas Possible was created in 1988 as an initiative of the sculptors Sergi Ramirez and Montserrat Cuesta. They were pioneers in the art of sand sculpture.

Its goal?

To develop and enhance the sand sculpture in a professional way.

The result?

After a long career working with sand, Arenas Posibles showed itself as a leader both at a national and international level. Venezuela, Denmark, Taiwan, Peru, Egypt, France, Italy, Portugal, Colombia … and so up to 20 countries have been witnesses of how such an ephemeral particle as sand gets shaped. All by Arenas Posibles, specialists in sand sculptures.

Sand, water and a big talent are the three essential requirements to sculpt sand. Arenas Posibles has had much to do with the professionalization of this art. It has achieved to arouse a big artistic, advertising and media interest. All of this because of its ability to shape any embryonic idea in any space. Modeling logotypes, mixing geometric and human shapes, creating huge Nativity scenes… all this shows that its creativity knows no boundaries.

Arenas Posibles, modeling ephemeralness since 1988.


“Sand, as a material, is way more versatile than volatile. Its natural texture makes it possible to create integrated figures into any space”.

Sergi is meticulous and self taught. He has made a very tenacious work for 30 years and finally he has turned a temporary activity into a technical and specialized profession . He has worked alone for many years, gaining experience and acquiring knowledge and skills.

Not only has his talent been required in many events outside the beaches, but it has also been recognized around the world .The first prize in the III and IV Competition (Gran Canaria, Spain), second prize at the Sandsculpture Festival Zhoushan Island

(China) and third prize at the festival Tranum Strand (Denmark ), among others, are tangible evidence of his perseverance as a professional sand sculptor.


“Enthusiasm and constant improvement are the best compacting technique in sand sculpture”.

Dynamic and pragmatic, Montserrat has been working as a specialized sand sculptor for more than 25 years. Her first contact with sand sculpture is in 1989, when she meets Sergi. He is the one who instructs her during the next years until her sculptural techniques evolve and she perfects her talent. In 2003, Montse decides it’s time to grow and begins her international career. Ever since then she has participated in numerous projects around the world.

Her skills modeling this fine material has helped her obtain the second and third prize at such important festivals as Sandsculpture Festival Zhoushan Island (China). Currently, she demonstrates her commitment to this ephemeral art by both participating in international projects and organizing national projects.