School workshops with sand sculpture

A creative and pedagogical alternative with multiple benefits

Our school workshops are innovative and fun workshops for schools, a unique activity that offers students the opportunity to participate in a shared experience where they create, discover and develop multiple skills.

Thanks to this creative and participatory workshop, pupils are more receptive to internalize and apply concepts that were provided in the classroom.

Arenas Posibles’ sculptures for cognitive development

  • Increased creativity
  • Improved concentration and attention
  • Reinforced patience
  • Empowered psychomotor skills
  • Stimulated senses
  • Increased socialization


Modalities of our workshops for schools

  • School workshops at the school itself
  • School workshops outdoors


Characteristics of the service

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Customized sculptures

Indoor and outdoor

Any time of the year

Anywhere in the world

Comprehensive service

Agility and commitment

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