Frecuently Asked Questions


How long does it take to create a sand sculpture?

The preparation time is not standard. Each sand sculpture requires a certain time to be sculpted properly and according to the demanded quality levels. The duration of the process depends mainly on two factors: the size and details or difficulty. Sand sculptures can be made in a day or it may take up to several days. In any case, the time of creation also becomes a spectacle by itself. In Arenas Posibles we always try to adapt to the needs of our customers and the limitations of the assignment so we maximize the expected results.

Do you only use sand and water?

Sand and water … but also passion and patience. The quality of the raw material is essential because not all kinds of sand are suitable for our work. Therefore we choose it very carefully. Talent and sculptural quality are also key factors when getting sand compacted and creating consistent figures.

What happens to the sand sculpture once the event has finished?

In Arenas Posibles we create figures that are consistent enough to remain visible long after completing the work. For this reason, the customer is the one who decides what happens to the sand sculpture once the event is over. No matter if the event is public, or private. Sometimes we receive the order to destroy the sand sculpture ourselves. Other times, the client decides to keep it longer and takes over its demolition when they decide to (sculptures can stand in good conditions up to five months).


Can you make sculptures outside sand beaches?

Yes, this is not a problem. During these 30 years, we have gained considerable experience in the selection of our raw material, sand. We have top quality sand located around the world. What is more, in many cases, this sand is even better than the one that could be found directly on the beach. This allows us to adapt to any indoor and outdoor space anywhere in the world.


Can we order any work?

All our projects are personalized, unique, tailored to the objectives of our clients. Sand is a material that may entail certain limitations when it comes to work, but this is not big deal for us. Our experience in this sector during 30 years enables us to overcome all difficulties. The most important thing for us is to achieve the objectives that were set at the beginning.


What happens if it rains?

Nothing. We are talking about ephemeral pieces, but they are such compared only to other durable materials like marble. Actually, sand sculptures are much more durable than it may seem, as long as they were properly made. When it rains, the rain water drains through the sand and evaporates once it stops raining. In Arenas Posibles we work only with top quality sand and under high artistic and technical standards. Thus, under stable weather conditions, our pieces have been preserved for up to five months without suffering modifications.

Other questions

If you have any other questions or want to make an order, please contact us. Arenas Posibles will be happy to answer to your questions and meet your projects.