Our services

In Arenas Posibles we specialize in sand sculptures. We offer a wide range of services, such as promotional pieces or team building activities for companies, children’s workshops, beach entertainment, festivals and artistic exhibitions. We work nationally and internationally, finding the best quality sand wherever we are. Our high-standard material selection allows us to build strong and singular works, making the foundation of the best experiences. We just need a venue and a theme, and we take care of the rest.

We love innovation. Yes, it is true that we are specialized in sand sculptures, but we took the challenge of trying other techniques and materials, such as coffee, cement and iron, achieving amazing results. All our creations have a very personal staging style and fulfill high standards in artistic and technical quality. As a result, they even surpassed the expectations of our customers and final viewers.


Do you want to captivate your customers?
Add value and visibility to your brand or event with an original sand sculpture.


Looking for alternative activities?
Create team spirit making everyone feel like an artist for a day with a unique experience.


Want to create an artistic display?
Create a unique spectacle thanks to our experience as organizers and artists in international art festivals.