Team building

Talent, passion and patience… Want to try to sculpt sand?
In Arenas Possibles we make an artist out of you for a day.

In a sand sculpture, every bit counts. The same thing happens in companies. Each worker is a key element in the proper functioning of the organization. Therefore, it is important to enhance motivation and team spirit. In Arenas Posibles we carry out team building activities using sand sculptures as a conductive instrument .

Ingenuity, innovation, creativity and team spirit are boosted by the creativity and effort needed to create a sand sculpture. If your company wants to encourage team work, sand art becomes at this point a great resource in experiential training as a team building activity. The activity takes place in groups and takes between three and four hours. Usually, the space where it takes place is a natural environment as for example the beach. Anyways, it can be organized in other locations, as long as they are suitable for this purpose.