How long does it take to create a sand sculpture?

Each sculpture requires a certain time to be properly sculpted, following the required quality levels. The duration of the creation process depends mainly on the size and detail or difficulty of the work.

In Arenas Posibles we are aware of your time’s value, therefore, we use our experience and constant research to find the solutions that allow us to adapt to your deadlines without minimizing the quality of the results.


What materials are used?

The quality of the raw material is essential, since not any type of sand will be fit for sculpting. Experience and sculptural quality are also key factors when it comes to compacting the sand and creating solid figures.


What happens to the sculpture once the event is over?

We create solid figures so that they can last for some time after the event is over. But if you wish, we will manage the removal of the sculpture.

Can sand sculptures be made in other locations than the beach?

Yes, without any issue. We have pinpointed high-quality sand around the world and, in many cases, this sand is even better than the one that could be found directly on the beach. That allows us to adapt to any interior and exterior space anywhere in the world.

Can you choose any topic?

All our works are customized, unique and adapted to your objectives. Sand is a material that can lead to certain limitations when working, but our experience in this sector allows us to overcome any difficulty so we can achieve the objectives set at the beginning.

What happens if it rains?

Nothing happens. Sand sculptures are more durable than they may seem, as long as they have been done properly. When it rains, rainwater drains through the sand and evaporates once it has stopped raining. In Arenas Posibles we only work with top quality sand and to high technical standards. In this way, under stable meteorological conditions, our figures have been preserved for up to five months without modifications.

If you have more doubts or you want to ask for a budget, contact us.